Super Hero Bucket List Challenge with Ford Canada

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

It’s not every day that you meet a genuine super-explorer, like Canadian Robin Esrock.

Robin has travelled around the world, and is the author of The Great Global Bucket List. This colourful guide highlights unique travel experiences around the world.  I was thrilled by the invitation to meet Robin and learn of his curated custom bucket list challenge, in cooperation with Ford of Canada.

But was I ready to take the Ford Bucket List Challenge with the new 2017 Ford Escape SUV? Well, of course! Along with my family, I geared up to get an adventurous perspective on life, in the mountains of Whistler, British Columbia.

The Great Global Bucket List

Find the joy in your life. – Morgan Freeman, The Bucket List – Introduction to The Great Global Bucket List.

As proof that you don’t have to travel far sometimes to enjoy great experiences, my chance to meet Robin took place at Harambe’s Ethiopian Restaurant on the east side of Vancouver. We enjoyed a fabulous meal of stewed meats, vegetarian specialities and injera, finished with a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Robin shared his passion for travel, and pride in his latest book, The Great Global Bucket List

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

The Great Global Bucket List features one-of-a-kind travel experiences that often appear on travellers aspirational bucket lists. These include hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, camping in Antarctica, seeing gorillas in Rwanda, or ziplining off the Great Wall of China.

The book is packed with beautiful photographs and descriptions of incredible bucket list adventures around the world. They range from fairly non-intensive acts (except for that heat) like taking sauna in Finland, to avoiding the sharp teeth of crocodiles in South Africa, while caged. Robin’s enthusiasm for adventure comes through in each destination entry. This is a handy guide to unique experiences that should sit on your bedside table as inspiration for your next trip.

The New 2017 Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape is a family-sized SUV that seats five comfortably. Its size disguises a roomy interior with loads of trunk space for gear, luggage and groceries. Back seats fold down for extra room, including car camping for two people in a pinch. The Escape handles well, getting good acceleration when passing other cars along the windy Sea to Sky Highway. The heated seats are a personal favorite, and a big plus in cold weather. Syncing my phone to the entertainment system allowed for hands-free calls. The SAT-NAV system worked beautifully in helping us find our destinations.

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

Other favorite features:

    • Panoramic Vista Roof – Lets the light in, especially for passengers. Great for stargazing on clear nights too.
    • The SYNC 3 system – Hands-free, in-vehicle communications system that allows for phone calls, music controls, and other functions via voice commands.
    • Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support – This is a great safety feature for drivers, especially for long drives and road-trips.
    • BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) –  The cross-traffic alert uses radar to identify a vehicle detected in your blind spot and alerts you with an indicator light in the appropriate exterior mirror. Cross-traffic alert also uses radar to watch for traffic behind you as you’re slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway. This is a helpful feature, especially navigating city streets and bike lanes.
    • Powerful 2.0L Twin-Scroll EcoBoost engine with Intelligent 4WD – A turbocharged induction system and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) make it easy to drive in the city or on the windy and scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway.

How to Fly like a Super Hero in Whistler

As part of our Ford Bucket List Challenge, we chose to drive to Whistler and experience some of the longest and highest zip lines in the country.  As luck would have it, recent snowfalls created a gorgeous winter landscape as we ascended Rainbow Mountain with our hosts Superfly Ziplines.

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

While we consider ourselves fairly experienced zip line aficionados, neither my son nor I had ziplined in winter before. Here’s the thing about ziplining in winter. It can get chilly up there. It’s really important to dress for the conditions in full winter gear. This includes wearing a toque under your helmet. You’ll be grateful for the warmth when you zip down those lines at 100 km per hour.

See what I mean?

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

Superfly offers the only backcountry, tandem zip lines in Whistler. During our three-hour tour (including safety demonstration), we zipped down four zip lines at speeds up to 100 km/hour. Face googles are a must against the cold and wind speed. You can bring your own or borrow a set from Superfly. The braking system for each line absorbs the speed and force of the rider, who arrives at full speed. No need to brake on your own!

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

The lines of the final zip line course are close enough to allow for hand-holding. This makes it possibly the most romantic and friendly zip line anywhere in Canada.

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

Families are encouraged to enjoy the zip lining experience. Children must be 7 years old and 60 lbs to participate. Max weight is 250 lbs.

Pin for Later

Getting a new adventurous perspective on life by zip lining in the mountains of Whistler for the Ford Bucket List Challenge.

Create your own Bucket List Challenge in celebration of Canada 150! Check out Robin’s Great Canadian Bucket List.

Photo Credits: C. Laroye * Disclosure: The Travelling Mom thanks Ford Canada for hosting our Ford Escape and zip lining experience. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

26 thoughts on “Super Hero Bucket List Challenge with Ford Canada”

  1. What a fun thing to do! I never thought about it being colder with the wind when zip lining in winter, but it makes sense! That Ford is a nice looking car.

    1. Yes, the cold literally took my breath away during the ride. And the Ford was a very nice drive too!

  2. I came “this close” to trying a winter zipline last year and wondered how cold it would be. Now I know! Those views are absolutely gorgeous, though.

    1. I’ve zip lined in forests and mountains, but never with snowcapped views like these! It was a stunning day.

  3. Christopher

    Hello VanCity from Toronto!!! Great post. I once went skiing in Whistler wearing shorts…more on that later. Not really a fan of the mini van for a man that usually meant the end of your single days and now it’s about family. However, I wouldn’t mind trekking around VanCity in that comfortable ford. I really miss skyiing and I need to get out to VanCity again!!!

    1. Hey Big Smoke! I’m intrigued by your Whistler skiing in shorts story, would love to hear that one day. 😉 You would love the zip lining my friend!

  4. What a great experience I would love to do zip lining, Those warm seats must be very handy with such weather.

  5. I live in Montreal so I know about Canadian winters and I can’t imagine zip-lining when it’s cold….brrr! Robin’s book does look very inspiring – will add it to my reading list.

    1. That’s great Lydia! I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about his adventures. And adding to your own bucket list!

  6. I didn’t even realize winter ziplining was a thing! What a fun adventure for me to look forward too when the boys are older. Cool you met Robin too! I am a fan of his former tv show, Word Travels.

  7. I’ve zip lined many times, but never in the winter. Those views are absolutely spectacular!
    I’ll have to check out the Great Global Bucket List. Sounds right in line with my love of travel and adventure.
    BTW- loving that Panoramic Vista Roof on the Ford Escape.

    1. The Panoramic Vista Roof is awesome! So much light. And yes, those views were killer amazing.

  8. Mama Munchkin

    You had me at Ethiopian food (currently now craving some shiro and injera) but holy smokes lady, ziplining in the winter. How crazy and cool is that! I totally can see how full winter garb is necessary to stay warm, but man those gorgeous views are worthwhile. I will have to check out that book too!

    1. So totally worthwhile. Your gang would love it! And now I’m craving injera too. Must get back to Harambe’s asap!

  9. I love the idea of bucket lists as a way to direct and bring focus to travel goals. Actually, maybe including Whistler zip lining on my list would be a good addition! I think I would totally go for the winter experience as well because it’s so gosh darn beautiful up there!

    1. I think it would be a great addition to your list Julie! I hope you get to visit Whistler in winter and try the zip lining, it’s pretty awesome.

  10. Gorgeous! I love Whistler, but I went in the summer so I didn’t get a chance to do any snow-related activities. I think a return trip might be in order, haha.

  11. Wow awesome ziplines, I don’t think I have ever seen a zipline that is as long as those, Next time we are in Whistler we will definitely check them out.
    I don’t know where I have been… but I have never heard of Robin Esrock his book looks fantastic and I am going to check out his website right now!

    1. Enjoy reading the book Rob. And I hope you get to check out some awesome ziplines very soon!

  12. Whistler is bucket list worthy for sure- yet despite being a one hour flight away I have yet to make it there!

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