How to Save Big on Family Travel with CityPASS

Spring is a great time to plan family travel to a great North American city destination. How to save big on summer travel with CityPASS ticket booklets.

If you’re headed out on a great urban adventure with this year, you may want to boost your family travel CityPASS-style. The program is pretty simple. CityPASS gets you in faster, and for less money. CityPASS ticket booklets are popular for travelers who want to visit a destination’s top attractions while enjoying savings of up to 50 percent, with the added bonus of skipping most main-entrance ticket lines.

Spring is a great time to plan family travel to a great North American city destination. How to save big on summer travel with CityPASS ticket booklets.

How to save money with CityPASS

The Family Travel CityPASS booklet contains prepaid admission to top attractions in major North American destinations: New York City, Southern California, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Toronto. Ticket Booklets are valid for nine consecutive days (14 days in Southern California), starting with the first day of use.

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New York CityPASS

Our visit to New York City was made so much more efficient with the use of our CityPASS. We used every admission ticket within our New York CityPASS books during our whirlwind week in the Big Apple. Many attractions have separate ticket windows for CityPASS holders, and we were able to skip the lines at most of the attractions. The small and compact booklets were easy to store and access in my bag. I didn’t have to print off tickets ahead of time, or keep track of various ticket stacks for different entry days. It’s an easy-peasy system.

Spring is a great time to plan family travel to a great North American city destination. How to save big on summer travel with CityPASS ticket booklets.

The New York CityPASS opens up fast-track access to the top nine attractions in the city. These include; American Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building Experience (day and night access), the MET, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Guggenheim Museum, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

New York CityPASS

Save Money with CityPASS

The money-saving advantages of CityPASS are obvious. CityPASS saves up to 42% off the regular admission price for these attractions, if you were to purchase them individually. They key to maximum savings is to ensure your trip includes visits to most if not all of the CityPASS book attractions. If you’re visiting a destination for the first time, this won’t be hard to do! We were in NYC to hit the city’s highlights, and we loved each new discovery as we encountered it.

Spring is a great time to plan family travel to a great North American city destination. How to save big on summer travel with CityPASS ticket booklets.

There are three preset tickets, and three option tickets to choose from. The CityPASS book also has coupons for the option tickets, should you wish to choose both options, i.e. Top of the Rock Observation Deck and the Guggenheim Museum.

Only in NYC for a few days? No problem. If you only have a short time in New York, check out the New York C3 Pass. You can choose any three of an expanded menu of attraction choices, and decide as you go. Here’s how the difference breaks down.

Spring is a great time to plan family travel to a great North American city destination. How to save big on summer travel with CityPASS ticket booklets.

Family Travel CityPASS is the triple threat lifesaver for family travellers – saving money, skipping lines and banking time. Tell us about your money-saving travel tips in the comments.

Disclosure: The Travelling Mom thanks CityPASS for our New York CityPASS booklets. As always our love of saving money while travelling is honest and our opinions our own. This post contains affiliate links.



115 thoughts on “How to Save Big on Family Travel with CityPASS”

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  2. Agness of aTukTuk

    I really wasn’t aware of the citypass and how beneficial it is. It truly makes travelling on a budget way easier!

  3. So many options! I’ve used CityPASS in NYC, Atlanta, and Chicago so you’d think that would narrow down my options but I loved all those places! I would love to visit Toronto though. I guess that’s my answer.

  4. thomasina archer

    I’d love to win the Seattle city pass, that’s about 4 hours from us! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Trisha Velarmino

    New York! We all know that is can be an expensive city but I like how CityPass lessens the worries and make you go around and explore in an efficient way.

  6. City Passes are such a good idea if you’re going to be spending a few days in a place. I would take San Fran!

  7. We love using CityPass! I would probably choose New York City because I know that we’ll be there over the next few months.

  8. Rachel Elizabeth

    This is a great idea! I would choose NYC. I live super close (about an hour by train) but I still haven’t seen many of the major attractions. What a fabulous way to save some money.

  9. NYC! ?
    One of my girlfriends dreams was seeing New York and I haven’t been there since at least 15 years so we booked our trip at the end of this month and would love some extra Sightseeing!

  10. The CityPass sounds like a great way to save money on major sites in cities around the US! It sounds especially useful for expensive cities like New York and Boston. Thanks for sharing about it!

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    Way cool Claudia. NYC all the way. I am from NJ originally so I’ve been to all the tourist spots but each visit is a new experience. We also landed a few house sits in NYC over this summer; easier to get around with a CityPass. Thanks for sharing.


  12. I would choose San Francisco. Have never traveled with the kids to San Fran and would love to show them the sights. I have used CityPasses before and have loved the savings!

  13. My pick would be NYC. I lived there for 2 years, but never made it to some of the major tourist sites like the Empire State Building and 30 Rock since I rarely felt like dealing with the lines when I had a day off work. The fast-track access is a huge advantage to many of these sites, meaning less time in line, and more time enjoying the sights!

    1. Yes, the convenience aspect of line-skipping is a really big plus! Good luck and thanks for entering.

  14. City passes help save lot of money. I will look out for such deals during my travels there.
    All the best to participants.

  15. Beatriz Hernandez

    I would love the city pass to new york.
    One of my mother’s dreams is to get to know new york and with these tickets would help us to know the city.
    Whatever happens thank you for the blog and the draw. 🙂

  16. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    City Pass sounds like a fantastic program. You get to save money on everything you do, and most importantly, get out and explore. This looks like a great way to see New York or any other city offered.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! The CityPass saves time and money – it’s a great program for travellers who really want to see the sights.

  17. Tamara Elliott

    The first time my girlfriends and I went to NYC we made it a point to pick one of these up- since we planned on being total tourists and seeing as many of the major sites as possible, it was a no brainer!

  18. I love City Pass! I feel less tense about money and check out more attractions I would not have when I have it. I think I would pick NYC or Boston because there are so many museums and attractions to check it it would save loads of $$$$

  19. I have only recently heard of this and it is such an amazing idea. Thanks for all of the information about it

  20. We’re going to Toronto this summer and this would benefit my family greatly. There’s so much to see there.

  21. We are roadtripping to Philadelphia this summer so I’d definitely pick that one. Bummed that SoCal isn’t on the list though. 🙁 We’ll be making that trip in the fall.

  22. So hard to choose but I would pick CityPasses for Toronto, I have never been to Canada but I want to go and there are so many great attractions in Toronto!

  23. nancy smith

    New York will be my choice.This city just excites me.I am from South Africa and planning to visit the states for my 50th birthday with a friend.Will also visit a friend in DC and cousins in Charlotte and Orlando.This will be in the July school holidays.

    1. New York is amazing, what a super destination for your 50th birthday! Good luck and thanks for entering.

  24. We have just booked our trip to San Francisco as a graduation gift to our daughter. As first time visitors, it sounds like City Pass is well worth it. Thank you so much for sharing the benefits of having it.

  25. Bailey Dexter

    I would love the San Francisco CityPass! I always take my daughter and family for a day there when I visit them in San Jose! This would be perfect for my next trip!

  26. Jeannie Lam

    I think I would pick a citypass for Seattle because we are able to make it a roadtrip, but San Francisco would be awesome too!

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