Easy Breezy Summer Weekends with Crocs

Crocs are the ultimate come as you are, slip on slip off shoe. Come as you are Crocs are perfect for summer weekends by the water or at the cottage.

Over the course of many summers, my kids lived in their Crocs. The blue, classic Crocs clogs were part of the ‘summer swimming apparel support crew’ as I called it. This supply bag included quick-dry towels, goggles, and swim caps. The Crocs were always scattered poolside at practices and did double-duty as playground and street shoes during the summer months.

As a mother, I appreciated the light yet durable footwear that could withstand the wear and tear of the active play of young boys. Times change, and so have the shoes. The new lines of come as you are Crocs footwear have gone way beyond the classic clog.

Crocs are come as you are footwear

Crocs are the ultimate come as you are, slip on slip off shoe. Come as you are Crocs are perfect for summer weekends by the water or at the cottage.

Our Crocs fit perfectly into our own casual, come as you are west coast lifestyle. My Swiftwater Crocs are ideal for dog walks down to Kits Beach. I don’t have to worry about getting them wet or damaged by salt water should our pup choose to dip her paw into the ocean. They’re also super light and portable for packing for quick weekend trips or beach vacations. I’ll be sure to pack them along for our upcoming camping adventures as well.

My husband was pleasantly surprised by the light and comfortable Santa Cruz slip-ons he’s been wearing on warmer days. They fit his wider men’s foot with ease. The non-marking yet grippy sole is perfect for boating too.

The new fashion-forward, come as you are Crocs footwear line at Mark’s offers great choices for the playful adults in the family.

Disclosure: This sponsored post has been made possible by Crocs and Mark’s. The writer received footwear for review purposes. As always, our love of comfort and style is honest and our opinions our own.


113 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Summer Weekends with Crocs”

  1. I would wear them in the garden. My last pair was left at the hospital and I miss them dearly.

  2. Joanne Lyon

    I love to wear them camping but I have different crocs for different occasions so I wear them everywhere.

  3. Sarah De Diego

    I’ll wear them to our friends cottage and our family farm. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos Sarah.

  4. Love to wear them while dog walking, visiting small town fairs this summer

    Thanks for the chance @thetravellingmom.ca

  5. I love croc’s i wear them when i go to the park , beach , i love them on summer days , so easy to get on and off !

  6. Megan Jerrard

    These look incredible! We’ve just moved into a place 20 minutes from the beach and have never been close enough to walk it every day, so I need to invest in some proper summer footwear like this which isn’t going to wear & tear and can prove resistant in water. Thanks for the heads up! They look great too!

  7. lori butler

    I could see myself wearing these all the time, back yard, errands and in the house during the winter months

  8. Sandy N Vyjay

    The crocs look really comfortable and rugged as well. For us, travelers footwear is of prime importance and we need to balance between style, comfort and toughness.

  9. nicolthepickle

    I have a pair that I wear everywhere around the house, but if I got a new pair I’d save them for the park and going to town.

  10. Veronika Tomanova

    Wow these seem like perfect travel shoes! I usually wear sandals but some better looking alternative is always welcome! Thanks for tip about Crocs, I think I will get a pair myself.

  11. I would wear my Crocs to the beach and to the Splash Pad. They are great shoes for wet conditions.

  12. I would love the ease of Crocs for all the lakes we go boating in the summer! I’d even wear them in the lake when we are launching the boat off the trailer!

  13. Everywhere!!! I wear my Crocs sandals to the beach, out for walks, shopping, gardening….EVERYWHERE!

  14. michelle matta

    Id wear them at the lakeside boardwalk type area in my town where we also have a splashpad.

  15. Danielle Desir

    Finding a pair of comfortable shoes that are perfect for the beach is always a challenge – looking forward to trying a pair this summer!


    I would love to say that I would wear them to the cottage but I don’t have one. Anyone want to lend one? lol. I will wear them to the beach though

  17. I would be wearing them pretty much anywhere I will be going. I’d like to especially wear them to Quebec City this summer, to say the shoes went there, haha 🙂

  18. These look so comfy! Definitely not what I think of normally as crocs. I’d wear these to the beach!

  19. Great stuff! I love crocs too. they are comfy and handy, especially during summer months. 🙂 Signing up to the raffle!! woop! 🙂

  20. Lushka Smith

    I’d wear them to go shopping and to the summer festivals. I just bought some Crocs yesterday.

  21. I’m going to be wearing them in one of the local lakes – they’re the best shoes to wear in water!

  22. melody pittman

    Great giveaway. I admit that I have a pair of Disney croc sandals (flip-flops) that I feel I could not live without and what kind of football fan would I be without my Steeler crocs? 😉

  23. Jenn Beckett jennpup

    I will wear my crocs at our upcoming waterpark vacation! I also love them when I’m gardening. <3

  24. Divyakshi Gupta

    Crocs are undoubtedly the most comfy and stylish footwear on vacations.They are highly low maintainence too! Lovely pics!
    I’d wear mine on the beaches of Andamans! 🙂

  25. Astrid Vinje

    Too bad I don’t live in Canada 🙁 Does Seattle count? You’re right, crocs have come a long way! Being a beach lover, I’d wear these crocs to the beach.

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