8 Reasons Birkenstocks are the Best Shoes for Travelling

Comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

A lifetime of travel has taught me a few important life lessons. One of the most critical is that comfort on the road is no small deal. Finding the best shoes for travelling is a big factor in achieving a level of comfort that will keep you going down miles of cobblestone alleyways or theme park streets on your travels.

While they may not be the only shoes to grace your feet on a given journey, Birkenstocks should become your go-to travel shoe. Overall comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

Comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

Choices Choices!

There are loads of colour combinations and Birkenstock styles to choose from, for women, men and kids. They even have waterproof varieties for playground splash pads or garden work. Though I may be a late convert, I am infatuated with my white Gizeh Birks. They’ve served me so well on long city walks, at fancy tropical restaurants, even dancing at the club.

Comfort + Support

The shoe’s footbed contours to your arches and supports where it should. Whoever said Chucks are great travel shoes for walking miles down cobblestone streets in Rome (or wherever), has never done it for six hours and enjoyed it. Unless they’re 18 years old. If you want comfort and support when you’re clocking those 10,000 steps on the road, Birkenstocks are where it’s at.

Birks Look Great with Skirts + Jeans + Shorts

There are so many colours and design choices, you can pair Birkenstocks with any clothing item and look good. In Vancouver, you’ll even see them worn about town in winter. While I don’t recommend pairing them with a winter coat, Birkenstocks do look fetching with skirts, shorts, and both boyfriend and skinny jeans.

Comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

Easy at the Airport

Easy peasy, just slip on, slip off, at airport security screenings. No annoying laces or zippers to do up while you try to gather all of your stuff and wandering family members.

Perfect in the City

When walking in cities, Birkenstocks provide the perfect arch support for comfort, and enough fashion to be au courant for stops at cafes and bistros. And not just in Germany.

Comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

Perfect for a Day at the Beach

Birks are sandals as much as shoes, so of course they’re perfect for the beach or poolside.

You can Play Dress Up

Yes! You can pair Birkenstocks with evening clothes for a night on the town or at the club. You’ll look good and be comfortable dancing all night long. Double happiness.

Comfort, support, and fashionability are just a few of the eight reasons why Birkenstocks are among the best shoes for travelling that you can buy.

They Can Last Forever

Birkenstocks can be repaired as the soles wear out. You may want to mix it up with new colours and designs over time. But it’s good to know that these shoes were built to last and will take you just about anywhere your travels take you.

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Do you love your Birkenstocks for travel? Share your shoe-tastic travel tips in the comments.

31 thoughts on “8 Reasons Birkenstocks are the Best Shoes for Travelling”

  1. My birks are the one thing I don’t leave home without. I’ve worn them all over the world and never had any problems with sore feet, blisters, etc. They are more than worth the money because they also last forever, too.

  2. Can you believe I’ve never worn Birkenstocks. I’m an incurable bargain hunter and always try to buy the cheapest product to get the job done (more money for airfare!) but I’m getting older and cheap shoes aren’t cutting it anymore. I may have to give these a try.

  3. I love, love, love my Birkenstocks! They are honestly *the* most comfortable shoe for, well, just about any occasion. And, having lived in hot climates for the past 11 years, I’ve definitely worn mine a lot!

  4. I love Birkenstocks! They are super comfortable especially because I need good arch support to walk for any length of time. I love the new styles too! don’t look as clunky as the original ones.

  5. I am a big fan of Birkenstocks. Even when I was pregnant (and started swelling- yikes! The memories…), they were the perfect shoes for traveling. I also have the Gizeh Birks but I have them in black. I wouldn’t be able to keep the white one…white 🙂 Hope this snow would go away already so I can slip them on.

  6. Mama Munchkin

    Perfect timing! I have been there done that with chucks, rainbow flip flops and ballet flats. None of which stood the test of long travel days. Gearing up for our summertime travels and a girlfriend mentioned Birks. After reading this it sounds like I may have found my shoe. ???

  7. I remember when Birkenstocks came in basically one style and it wasn’t so hot.. but I’ve seen so many cute ones in the past few years! For me though, it’s really about comfort and support, which is the best reason to choose them.

    1. Yes, I remember those days too! They’ve really upped their fashion game, and I’m certainly grateful for it. It’s all about comfort for me these days.

  8. That is the second time I hear someone say how comfortable those shoes are. I love their style they will be perfect for my holidays to the Greek Islands

  9. I owned a pair when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. Im glad it made a comeback though. Ive seen so many people wearing it lately.

  10. I’ve never owned a pair of Birkenstocks, but I’ve tried them on and thought they were super comfortable! Lots of great reasons that they would make good travel shoes–thanks for sharing! I think I will have to look into them again!

  11. Viajar pela história - Catarina Leonardo

    I totally agree with you. It´s impossible to walk when we are uncomfortable… This shoes an excellent option 🙂

  12. I just started having problems with plantar fasciitis and the shoe people recommend what else? Birkenstocks. Think it’s time for this traveler to invest in a pair.

  13. I love reading about YOUR love for Birkenstocks. As you said, finding comfort is no small thing, so when you find something that works, go for it! My wife has recently discovered Tieks – they have similar benefits (slip on, dress up/dress down, comfort, tons of styles) but they are also super expensive and don’t have the same level of support. Have you tried them out yet? Cheers!

    1. Thanks Drew. And yes, I do love Tieks too! They are super cute, but also pricey. That said, Birkenstocks aren’t the cheapest shoes either. However, I’ve learned you get what you pay for, and cheap shoes in particular are NEVER worth it in the end. Cheers!

  14. Birkenstocks have been on my wish list for awhile, I think it’s time to finally make the investment. I’ve noticed that the sandal has had a bit of resurgence in popularity as well. I’m with you and am a fan of the Gizeh Birks and would love to have them in red.

  15. Lauren Craving Sunshine

    I had no idea there were so many different styles! I just imagined them to be old man sandals. I think you may have just converted me!

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