How to Use Sustainable Travel Tips to Lessen your Travel Footprint

Travelling green is possible. Tips on how to go carbon neutral on your travels.

There is a big debate in travel circles about the challenges in travelling ‘green’. How can we reduce our carbon footprint and our impact upon our natural world? Is such green, or eco-travel even possible when we need to drive or fly across vast distances to visit landmarks? We need to reconcile our desire to be eco-friendly travellers with the desire to visit and experience the marvels that the world has to offer. These sustainable travel tips will help lessen your travel footprint.

Where to Find Sustainable Travel Tips and Information

Carbon Neutral Travel Information

A great source of information is the Vancouver-based David Suzuki Foundation. You can determine your carbon emissions on carbon calculators, and then purchase carbon-offsets through a host of vendors that sell them worldwide. These vendors use your carbon-offset purchases to fund a wide variety of eco-energy and environmental initiatives around the world, from wind farms to solar power generation.

It is possible to be a good, environmentally-conscious traveller. But it does take planning, and a commitment to balancing your travelling lifestyle while mitigating its impact on the planet.

It also comes with a cost to your travelling budget’s bottom line. This may be the most challenging aspect of all.

[travellingmom tip: Green thinking isn’t only happening in travel. Determining the carbon footprint of the goods we purchase has become a retail trend. Large retailers like Walmart and Tesco are disclosing ‘green ratings’ on many of their products. Ask vendors for information on the supply chains of many family household items, like beds and iPods.]

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Do you consider the environment when you travel? Do you purchase carbon offsets to lesson your travel footprint?

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