Lonely Planet’s Not-for-Parents Travel Books Review

Raise a reader and inspire a spirit of wanderlust in your children with the Lonely Planet Not for Parents travel book series. (via thetravellingmom.ca)

News flash. Books are not dead.

Despite the lure of iPhones, iPads, Xboxes and PS3s, kids still like to read. This fact makes me very happy, because I love to read as well. And despite the ‘e-competition’, there are still so many great books out there to read and enjoy. Books like Lonely Planet’s Not for Parents travel book series.

Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents Travel Books Review

Imagine my delight when I received copies of the new Lonely Planet’s Not for Parents travel book series for review. Well, I would have been delighted if I’d had a chance to look at them before the kids snatched them from my hands, gleefully pointing out the obvious fact that the books do indeed state ‘Not for Parents‘. Stumped again.

Their opinions are actually more valid anyway. Since the books’ arrival, they’ve spent many happy hours in bed, on comfy chairs, and in front of the fireplace, reading for long streches. Sometimes their reverie is broken by shouts of ‘North Korea! Djibouti! New Zealand!’ and a recitation of interesting factoids.

My 12 year old’s take on Not-for-Parents China isn’t surprising. “It’s cool. I like the section about the first emperor and the building of the Great Wall. And all the wars and battles.”

The 14 year old preferred the Not-for-Parents The Travel Book, which includes ‘cool stuff’ about every country in the world. “I like reading about all of the different countries, and planning which countries I’d like to visit in the future. The pictures of animals, interesting places, and the factoids were great.”

All of the Not for Parents series of books include colourful artwork, photographs, and interesting facts and tidbits about the countries that are featured. The books are intended for budding travel lovers 8 and up.

The Travelling Mom thanks Lonely Planet and Raincoast Books for review copies of the Not-For-Parents book series.

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