Claudia Chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter

Claudia chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter via

Twitter chats are fun and informative events, but sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out with one’s schedule. Last week I took part in the Lonely Planet Kids #LPTakes5 chat, and in case you missed out on the fun and great travel tips, I’ve included the Q & A session below. Enjoy!

Question #1: Tell us a bit about The Travelling Mom, why you started it and what you do.

A1: I started The Travelling Mom blog in 2009, as way to share my passion for family travel and educating kids through the travel experience. I found that many people were afraid of travelling with kids, or didn’t quite know where to start. How to survive a 5 hr plan ride with a baby or a 2-yr old, for example. You can find out more here.

Claudia chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter. Packed for 5 weeks in Europe? Check!

Question #2: And what about your top tip for keeping mum and/or dad sane while on a family travel trip?

A2: The key to family travel sanity is to plan well ahead of time – your packing list and trip plan – and keep a healthy does of patience on tap. I have planning tips here and packing tips here.

We also swear by our mantra ‘a gelato a day keeps tantrums away.’ This works for adults too!

Claudia chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter via

Question #3: Inspire us: what’s been your family’s best ever trip (so far!)

A3: We’ve enjoyed many great family trips over the years. From camping in BC (our home), to a Caribbean cruise, to an overnight Alpine hike in Switzerland. We’ve always enjoyed active holidays and love to bike, ski and hike with our boys, even when they were young. Kids can do so much!

We’ve also enjoyed many multigenerational family trips on both sides – to Europe, the USA, and within Canada.

Claudia chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter via

Question #4: Your kids are a bit older now, how has your travel style changed with teens in tow? 

There’s no doubt, our trip style has changed as the kids have grown. The key is engagement and including them in the trip planning. We’re in the midst of planning a Great American Road Trip, and really want our kids input on what they want to see. They are very happy to provide it, and are also concerned about cost of things, which is nice.

Teen boredom is the mortal enemy of happy family travel. We try to avoid it at all costs. Teens can recognize that compromise is necessary too. If everyone gets what want they want from the holiday, all can be happy. That doesn’t mean everything will be sunshine and roses all of the time, but it does help to cut down on the eye-rolling and huffs.

Currently, our travel style also impacted by high school & athletic demands. It’s harder to get away than it used to be, so shorter trips are important to us.

Claudia chats with Lonely Planet Kids on Twitter via

Question #5: Lastly, what are your top three family travel recommendations for 2015?

A5: My top 3 recommendations for 2015 are: planning, patience, and packing a carry-on suitcase! Destination-wise, I’ll take a cue from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel guidebook and choose a treasure hunt in the British Museum in London and a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. We’ve been to both of these incredible places and would happily recommend and return to them ourselves.

Finally, with the American dollar strong, Canada and Europe are great vacay choices for families. Roadtrips are also a fun and affordable family vacation plan, with lower oil costs across North America this summer travel season.

Happy trip planning!

Thanks to Lonely Planet Kids for asking me to participate in the #LPTakes5 chat.

What are some your top tips for same family travel? Share your comments below.

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