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A Very Good Travel Year 2015

As this year draws to a close, I enjoy doing a little travel year in review in my mind. Our family enjoyed some quality travel time together, including ski and school-sports trips, and a major 6,000+ km road trip throughout a good portion of western North America. I wasn’t sure my teenagers were up to spending …

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The importance of travel memories. A mug isn't just a mug when it transports you back to a cherished time and place.

Travel Momento: the fox mug

When is a mug not a mug? When it’s the embodiment of many of your favorite childhood travel memories. My Grossmama (grandmother) passed away seven years ago. She was Swiss, and being so, was as highly organized and efficient as the country’s famous rail system. She had identified all of her prized possessions and heirlooms before her passing, …

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When your child goes away on a school trip for the first time, it can be a little scary for the parents. But it's just the beginning of their great journey.

He’s Leaving Home

My child isn’t really leaving home. But he is going on a school trip to Quebec, and it’s his first trip without his family. He’s been in a French Immersion program for eight years, and in his final year of elementary school, he gets to travel with his classmates to La Belle Province. This is a great …

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