The Best Ways to Rent a Car in Frankfurt

The great European road trip is one of life's great travel pleasures. How to arrange for an affordable and easy car rental in Frankfurt, Germany.

‘It’s a turbo.’ My husband’s eyes light up as we approached the Opel Astra with our suitcases and backpacks in tow. Though we were tired after the ten-hour flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt, we’d been revived with mugs of frothy cafe crème and a gigantic raisin bun. I was eternally grateful that we’d followed one of our tried, test and true best ways to obtain a car rental in Frankfurt, or anywhere in Europe for that matter – pre-book from home. Our papers and car were waiting for us upon arrival, and within minutes, we were ready to head out onto Frankfurt’s autobahn in our Auto Europe car rental.

We’ve been renting and driving cars in Europe for years. We’ve learned a few things along the way, which have made our travels much easier, and reduced incidents of car rental fail (yes, it’s a thing). These tips on renting a car in Frankfurt will ensure that your European road trip adventure will go equally smoothly. Because it’s all about ways to maximize your travel fun and memory-making.

The Best Ways to Arrange a Car Rental in Frankfurt

Prebook from Home

Car rental fact: The cheapest way to rent a car is to prebook that rental car from home before you leave on vacation. Do it as far in advance as possibility, to ensure car availability and the most competitive pricing. We used AutoEurope to book our most recent affordable car rental in Frankfurt this summer. We’ve been customers for years, as they always find the best price and best rental car model for our needs.

AutoEurope searches for the best price and car model among 10+ car rental companies at your destination of choice. Frankfurt is one of Europe’s busiest travel hubs, so having AutoEurope do the search work for you rather you checking each company yourself is a time-saving travel hack.

Pre-booking ensures that your car will be there when you arrive. Don’t be like the man in line behind us, who had not reserved a car in advance. He was out of luck – there were no cars available that day. They were all reserved. (Did I mention that Frankfurt is one of the busiest travel hubs in Europe?)

Choose your Pick-Up Spot

If you’re arriving by plane at Frankfurt International Airport, choose to pick up your car rental there. Don’t even think about wandering around busy downtown Frankfurt in search of other car rental places. You’d be wasting time and money. And chances area, you’ll be tired after a long flight. You’ll want to get on your way as soon as possible.

The great European road trip is one of life's great travel pleasures. How to arrange for an affordable and easy car rental in Frankfurt, Germany.

Pick a Car that Suits Your Needs

Choosing a rental car over other modes of transportation offers freedom and mobility. You can go where you want to go, when you want to go. No waiting on train or bus schedules, or having to transfer with baggage in hand. And for a travelling family, it’s nearly always cheaper than the train. Which can be insanely busy in summer, with no seat guaranteed unless you’re willing to pay extra.

With our AutoEurope car rental, we received a gas-efficient yet turbo-charged car, which made my husband very happy, as he loves to drive on the Autobahn. Our bags fit easily into the vehicle, and we could transport four adults with room to spare.

Review your Insurance

Review your credit card and existing car insurance coverage. Your car rental CDW insurance may already be covered by existing policies, so no need to purchase additional coverage. You can also choose to bring copies of your car insurance, to show that you have adequate rental car insurance coverage if asked.

Great Customer Service

Not only did AutoEurope provide us with an affordable car rental, the customer service was excellent. The website is easy to use, with clear pricing and no hidden fees. Booking was simple and email confirmation arrived within seconds. Before we arrived in Frankfurt, I needed to clarify an issue by phone. When I called the 24/7 support hotline, it was quickly and politely resolved. The car pickup process went very smoothly, which was a relief after such a long journey. It was a great way to begin our European road trip in fine fashion.

Use the Road Trip Planner

If you’re not sure on your routing, AutoEurope has a great value-added feature. It’s the Europe Road Trip Planner, a guide to the best road trips in Europe. Whether you want to discover castles or the best wine regions in Germany, the Road Trip Planner is a truly super guide that highlights cool sights, and includes miles and driving time estimates.

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The great European road trip is one of life's great travel pleasures. How to arrange for an affordable and easy car rental in Frankfurt, Germany.

Disclosure: The Travelling Mom enjoyed a discounted car rental courtesy of Auto Europe. As always, the writer’s opinions are honest and her own.

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