6 Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel to Graduates

Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

Have you seen the inspirational quote “Collect memories, not things“? Well, it turns out that the majority of new high school and college graduates, part of the Generation Z or Post-Millennial generation, believe that experiences – the art of collecting memories – are the most important thing in life. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the 18-30 year old graduate in your life, here are 6 reasons to give the gift of travel through Contiki.

Six Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel with Contiki

Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

1. Reliability + Security

Contiki has been in the youth group tour business since 1962. (Perhaps you may have taken a Contiki tour of Europe in your day too?)  They are leaders in offering life-changing travel experiences for 18-35 year olds. Contiki is about discovery, once- in-a-lifetime moments, human connections, and making every second of being young count. The company runs over 300 trips in 50 plus countries around the world. Each trip is designed to get to the authentic heart of a destination, understanding the local way of life, and unearthing a #NOREGRETS experiences. Whether the travel gift is for island hopping in Thailand or discovering the delights of gelato and cappuccino in Rome, there’s comfort in knowing the trip comes with a level of organization and security in a reputable operator.

2. Adventures to suit every type of traveller

No matter what type of Gen Z traveller you have, there’s a Contiki tour to suit his/her needs. For the fast-paced A-types, selfie-snapping dudes, festival-goers, or the introspective, curious types who want to go at their own pace, tour choices reflect the ways in which your special traveller wants to discover the world. And Gen Z is up for adventure. Many of their destination choices – Japan, Central Europe and Russia – differ from previous generations. They reflect a more open attitude to travel and discovery of different cultures and countries. These young people see the value of a destination over the potential barriers of any said location.

3. Post-Millennials value experiences and memories more than material possessions

The post-millennial generation (born 1996-2010), is socially connected, culturally aware and globally-conscious. A whopping 96% of Canadian Gen Z respondents surveyed by Contiki agree that experiences are the most important thing in life. Gen Z has an appetite for travel experiences that are authentic, immersive and educational over the traditional ‘fly and do nothing at all’ vacation of days gone by. They want to see, feel, touch and taste the world for themselves, and yes, snap and gram their way through those experiences too.

Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

4. Gen Z would rather travel after school than go straight to University

Post-millennials aren’t in a rush to check-off life’s obligatory checklists. They want time to discover themselves and the world around them. Contiki’s research showed that almost a third of Gen Z would rather travel after finishing high school than go straight to post secondary education. Contiki’s bevy of trip offerings make a first foray into international travel an easy choice. All tours include free wifi (duh), breakfasts, line-skipping entrance to all the top sites, and the chance to hang with like-minded curious young minds.

Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

5. They travel to meet new friends and find love

Yes, these informed, culturally conscious global citizens also want to meet new friends and new loves while travelling. While Gen Z are more culturally and globally aware, and want to learn about the world when travelling, they’re also normal young people who want to make new friends, have fun, and potentially find their soul mates.

Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

6. Gen Z travels to learn about the world around them

Gen Z knows of a world beyond their own backyard. They’ve seen it through their social connection and global consciousness. And they want to know more about that world. Of the statement ‘I travel to learn about other cultures’, 65% of Gen Z respondents were in agreement. Today’s youth see travel experiences as an opportunity to learn new skills and about new cultures. And you can help give them those opportunities.

Special Booking Code for Travelling Mom Readers

I’m delighted to make it easier for you to give the gift of travel to your child or grandchild.  Check out the variety of trips and adventures available on the Contiki website. When you’re ready to book, use the PROMO CODE ‘PPCCLAUDIA‘ to get $150 off the trip!

The Fine Print
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• The code is not combinable with other offers or last minute deals in market but it is combinable with brochure discounts.

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Help new graduates collect memories not things. Six reasons to give the gift of travel to graduates with the Contiki Tours gifter campaign.

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Disclosure: The Travelling Mom thanks Contiki Tours for its sponsorship of this post. This post contains affiliate links.

Are you planning to give a gift of travel to your graduating child? 


31 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel to Graduates”

  1. Francesca @onegrloneworld

    This is a fabulous idea, I’ll have to pass this on to my mom! I wish that I had been gifted the experience of travel, and I’ve heard so much about Contiki. It is true, us millenials sure do love our experiences 😀

  2. Oh, I so wish I got the gift of travel when I graduated! I’ve also done a tour with Contiki a couple of years ago and would do it again without thinking twice.

  3. Candace Glenney

    Contiki is a great choice for younger adults…I have toured with them and loved it! Travel is definitely an amazing experience and the memories are a great keepsake!

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Contiki seems like it has a sweet deal here. Good job.

    I vibe with sending kids off to see the world….to learn about it! My education expanded exponentially when I flew from NYC to Bali 6 years ago. Brave new world. Inspired new world. Amazing new world. Unreal new world. I was sheltered as a 36 years I am embarrassed to say but wow did I learn about the world around me when I actually saw it in person versus through cnn.com.


    1. There’s nothing like an experiential journey, at any age! Good on you for continuing to be open-minded on your travels. Cheers!

  5. Vicky and Buddy

    It’s so great to see that the younger generations are wanting to get out there and see the world! I think it’s important that they experience different cultures. It helps them be more open minded and accepting. It’s good to know that Contiki is helping with that!

  6. We’re huge advocates of getting out there and exploring the world as soon as you can. While Contiki isn’t really for me if it gets more people out travelling and exploring the world then I’m totally for it! Definitely know loads of people who have loved going on Contiki missions.

  7. Trisha Velarmino

    I wish I had this kind of gift when I graduated from the University but no regrets. I am still meeting friends and love along the roads. I like how you put value and understanding to Gen Z .

  8. I certaintly wish I had gone on an trip after college! I am not surprised to learn that many graduates say that experiences are more valuable than possessions, so seems like an amazing idea and totally relevant to today’s graduates.

  9. I did a contiki tour round NZ years ago and absolutely loved it. It was great value and I made tons of friends, some of whom I’m still in touch with. Sadly I’m too ‘old’ now lol

    1. But never to old to travel. 😉 How lovely that you still keep in touch with those friends!

  10. Travel is the best gift one can have! Contiki trips look like the perfect gift for young travelers.

  11. Fiona Maclean

    I don’t have kids, but I do take my God Daughter abroad every year…and she loves travel. So I’ll point her mum in this direction

  12. sabrina barbante

    I agree with you and I think that a travel is a gift that must be given not just to the Z gen. I think it can be a fresh new start for anyone.

  13. I wish I that gift had been given to me! Travel is such a great opportunity for those able to take it. I love the idea of the organized trip to help them explore without too many options for poor decision making 🙂

    1. It would be a great gift to give and receive, wouldn’t it? And limiting those poor decision options is always a good plan. 🙂

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